A fairer Realm it was, no birth or death
    And all God’s Power and Beauty and Delight.
    Forsaking these he came once more to earth
    Beloved by God and for His sake to fight.

    All the travails of flesh he did assume
    All the blights and burdens of his role
    And travelled far beneath an alien noon
    Till tired at last, God gathered back his soul.

    Yet Love he left, though not of flesh or touch
    And Light, but not of sun
    And mindfulness that, though we suffer much,
    While we are many, really we are one.

    We saw the open casket's silent form
    So still as though he slept.
    We knew him destined not to be reborn
    And know the tears we wept.

    We’ll try to heed the wisdom that He taught
    And from its Beauty never turn or stray
    Lest all our life and living come to naught
    Disheartened lose our way.

    Belovèd, though each day I mourn for Thee
    And tremble at your final months of pain
    I cry to You whose grace awakened me
    Yet still rejoice that You are Home again.

       – Jogyata.