A little poem written at my shrine this midnight when I should have been meditating...

    God-man, grandfather, secret friend
    Pharaonic in your silences and stares
    Elusive in your maddening love
    Absconding with my freedom
    Boycotting my dreams
    You prowl at the edge of my everything
    Propped in my heart like some saint
    Watchful as a sphinx, indifferent as stone
    Soul-guide, envoy, enigma
    Keeper of my keys, puppeteer
    Tugging at my strings,
    Maestro of my anguishes and cries,
    Trailblazer, bright comet, my strange valentine
    Embedded deep like a thorn.
    You’re constant, meticulous, relentless
    Playing at your tricks and graces
    You cast me away, then
    My confidante, draw me near.
    Is it true that your love’s so deep?
    Watch over me tonight
    Rock this wretched crib when I sleep.

       – Jogyata.