Bad Week – Hard Times

    Golden Boat, ignorance ocean?
    Not this week, but a white-knuckle
    white-water hell ride
    hurtling down a dark river
    gauntlet of boulders and beasts
    lashed down like Ulysses
    shrinking back from cascading waves
    and those malign granite warriors
    arrayed up there on the canyon ramparts,
    brute colossi towering in stone, vengeful,
    poised to explode from their frozen cliff top sleep.
    I, menaced now by the triple sirens –
    doubt, fear, remorse –
    screaming 'God ! guru ! man ! See,
    You don't exist!'
    riding my broken raft into the abyss,
    plunging down the canyon of grief
    out to the edge of this world.

       – Jogyata.