Your love prised me open like a clam
    numb heart
    opened to an oyster pearl
    of giggling joy
    nose twister
    bouncing on my poor chest
    like a mad puppy
    growling in my ear
    tiny hands pushing flesh
    into a dozen pleasing shapes
    putty face stretched into a
    samurai, frog and monster.
    And now you deck me out
    in nature's finery,
    a beached, snoring Neptune
    bejeweled with flotsam from the sea–
    cat's eyes and kelp, pale sea lettuce
    bleached herring bones and
    coral shards for teeth.
    Aroused from my mock sleep
    I rear up, roaring
    and you rush into the sanctuary of sea
    shrieking from this monster you've created.
    Under a warm sky
    I cast off clinging robes of kelp
    spit sand and guard
    your playing in the tide.
    Child-sweet, brief thing of flesh
    I guard your playing in the sea
    with my own quiet eyes
    of love.

       – Jogyata.