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Jogyata DallasIt's hard to look back over one's life and capture all that we've learnt into some apocalyptic one-liner, distilling the essence of what we are, what we believe to be true into a few defining gold nuggets of wisdom! The little stream of my life has always carried me – an often stubborn passenger – towards the ocean of spirituality, so this is really the only worthwhile thing that I have to share with you.

In 1980, in South Australia, in what seemed then to be only fortuitous circumstances, my life adventures led me to the Sri Chinmoy Centre and to my first encounter with a teacher who would forever change my life – at last the little stream began meandering toward the sea.

If you are reading the writings of Sri Chinmoy and immersing yourself in the ocean of spirit as well, the same grace that touched my life is already working in yours, too. I hope some of my stories or reflections might inspire you a little as you make your way on your own journey.

One day, thankfully, we shall all merge – ego, mind, suffering – into the ocean of enlightenment - bliss, liberation, union with God! - and won't that be a day to celebrate! Personally, I can't wait...

            – Jogyata.

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