All About Shopping

I ventured in the shopping world
Oh Lord, so much variety.
Enchanted by all worldly things
Abandoned all sobriety.

A tiny voice within me cried
'Why this infatuation?'
A stronger voice at once replied
'Discard all moderation!'

The former said 'Impermanence
Means nothing really lasts'.
The latter, argumentative,
Said 'Nonsense, not so fast!

'If worldly dues and shirts and shoes
Can elevate our joy
It hardly seems there's cause to rue
And try this harmless ploy.'

And while I love the ancient truths
Bequeathed by hoary sages
I haven't had a chance to shop
In what seems simply ages.

Three decades trained in monkish ways
Have narrowed down our choices.
Each time we stray we need contend
With irksome inner voices.

I wandered into 'Bodyworks'
To seek a consultation.
The shop assistant said 'You'll need
A full evaluation.'

'Your kidney's shot, you're feverish, hot
Your liver's on vacation.
Your aura's tattered, what you need
Is rehabilitation.'

'It's not a sin, the double chin,
The sagging flesh's no crime
A double shot of Botox should
Restore you to your prime.'

'Another year of thinning hair
Is cause for introspection.
We've quite a range of products though
To touch up your complexion.'

At Bond and Bond's department store
I met a health food vendor.
Inspired by his words I bought
A fruit and vege blender.

'Madam Zara' had a booth,
I needed no persuasion.
A twenty dollar note secured,
A'spiritual' occasion.

'Your karmic debts have not been met
There's need for expurgation
But looking deep within I see
A princely incarnation.'

She gazed into a crystal ball
She smiled at what she saw.
'I see a Russian wife draws near'.
I bolted for the door.

I bought some socks, a ribboned box
Of scented yellow candles
A wallet, shirt, a clock and tie
A pair of leather sandles.

I bought a tape of Beatle's hits
Undaunted by excess.
'And how, sir, will you pay for this?'
American Express!

I strolled into a riding shop
All jodpurs, bridles, hats.
Equestrians were there galore
Bowlegged, horsey, fat.

The salesman said 'You'll need a horse
Before you buy a saddle'.
I said 'I'll get one in due course'.
He really seemed quite addled.

At Bev's Boutique a pre-loved shirt
Aroused much cogitation.
Though second hand, it seemed quite grand
And won my admiration.

Pot plants, clothing, foodstuffs, books,
I almost bought a horse
Until my tiresome inner pilot
Shouted 'Show remorse!'

'Though no harm's in a little joy
Out shopping at a sale,
Let's not forget all worldly things
Will frustrate, doom and fail'.

I nearly died. 'Oh God' I cried.
'Befuddled by excess
I've strayed from all that I held dear
I'm in an awful mess'.

So if you feel a little twinge
Feel chastened by my tale
Remember, out there on a binge
That worldly things do fail.

The inner quest's our path, our all
Hold fast this revelation,
And should you stumble, trip or fall
Remember – meditation!

    – Jogyata.