In Praise of Whites

    I bought myself a pair of whites
    The year was '87
    They shone resplendent, clean and bright
    I thought I'd gone to Heaven.

    I thought "let's see how tough these are"
    I played a game of soccer
    Oh God the mess, I could've wept
    I flung them in my locker.

    A week went by, I couldn't sleep
    I even phoned my mother
    "My boy" she said "just trust your whites,
    They're sturdy like no other."

    I listened to her sage advice
    My doubts I had to squash
    I took them to the laundromat
    Committed to 'The Wash'.

    I watched the minutes ticking by
    My heart was all aflutter
    First wash, then rinse, then spin, Oh God.
    My knees had turned to butter.

    I wrung my hands, I looked on high
    "Oh Lord, I may erred!"
    The wash attendant hung her head
    For clearly she concurred.

    At last the fateful moment came
    I lifted up the lid
    Oh yippee yippee yippee yay!
    I chortled like a kid.

    My whites were spotless, gleaming white
    As pure as winter snow
    "Oh Lord!" I cried, "a miracle!"
    My face was all aglow.

    So brothers dear, revere your whites
    My words you mustn't mock
    And should you yearn for extra grace
    Just wear them round the clock.

    And when 'tis time to leave this world
    And no one can arouse ya
    Ensure your mortal frame is clad
    In-yes-your laundered trousa.

    Yes, when the soul has fled the cage
    Winged upward to the light
    Make sure you're scrubbed up, buffed and clean
    Angelic all in white.

    And when the good Lord finds the time
    To have a tête-à-tête
    Be sure you're free of curry stains
    For God's sake don't forget!

       – Jogyata.