Enhancing Our Literary Heritage

    On occasuns that are numerus
    – it's really rather humerous –
    We get quite lost in sillines
    And literary dilliness
    And ponder on apostrofies
    And quibble on apostasies
    Of grammar and syntacticals
    And colons, get fanatical.
    The object's to communikate
    Not nitpick, mutter, obfuscate
    And if I choose to spel 'you' yu
    And 'cat' as kat or 'queue' as cue
    Or something else that may seem mocking
    Or ignorant and deeply shocking
    Then let's not live life fecklesslie
    Let's live a little recklessly
    And step outside the stifling box
    Of 'can' and 'can't', I say a pox
    On those who always bend their knee
    To grammar, long live Heresie
    And I say (tho' it may seem treasun)
    Let's have some fun, abandun reasun
    Run rampint thru decorum's 'ought'
    And 'should' and 'must', let's not be corght
    By stodgie rools and regulations
    Hurrah for de-sanc-tif-if-ication
    And if this seems ikonoclastic
    Or verging on the plain bombastik
    Then dot your 'i's and cross your 't's
    And go your way and others pleeze
    But me I luv mixed metafors
    And always feel the better for
    My gaucheries and malaprops
    Ineptitudes and missed full stops
    I'll choose another road.
    And when I'm far too old for scrabble
    Inventing great new words like 'zabble'
    I'll still get joy mispelling names
    And you can tut-tut, point and blame.
    The fire that warms arthritik knees
    Kindled by the dictionairy
    Thesauruses will feed the flames
    While I rejoice in Pictionairy.

       – Jogyata.